Whenever I conduct leadership training sessions, I often ask people what they would do for free for the rest of their lives. Take 5 minutes to think about this question please. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do for the rest of your life? Would you help children? Get into fashion designing? Start a school? Your real purpose is connected to and may, in all likelihood, be discovered in your answer. 

Finding your true purpose will bring you great fulfillment and joy. Initially, it might not provide you with money abundantly but it will offer you contentment, determination and resilience. Genuine fulfillment is cultivated when you pursue and discover your purpose. If you desire to be rich at the expense of all else then the pursuit and discovery of purpose is futile. All you need to do is to simply, find something to do that will quickly make you lots of money. However, if you wish to impact lives for the better and leave a lasting legacy then you must commit to fervently pursuing your God-ordained purpose. 

When we started GLC we had zero start-up capital. All we had was a dream and a Word from the Lord. We knew the organisation would be a plausible vehicle of succor for many people to discover their purpose in spite of the business, for many years, not being profitable. Our perseverance was solely spurred on and sustained by the knowledge and conviction that the business’ conception was God’s will and purpose. Undoubtedly knowing our purpose incited us to keep going when all else seemed not to be working. Now, all the effort and tenacity is beginning to bear fruit. 

Inspiring and motivating young African leaders brought a great sense of joy and fulfillment such that we were willing to overcome any barriers and obstacles that would prevent us from achieving our purpose. 

May you discover the reason for your existence and may God give you the strategies, tenacity, creativity and innovative ideas to implement your vision. 

This is a extract from a chapter of the Ultimate Leader-Shift authored by Luphumlo. He is the CEO of Global Leadership Consultants . You can reach him via email on joka@globalleadership.co.za or visit www.globalleadership.co.za