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3 Leadership Lessons from The Oscar Slap

There have been so many articles written about the incident that took place at the Oscars . Almost a week later , I still feel there is something missing from what has been shared . What leadership lessons can we learn from what happened? This is not about who was wrong or right, but more […]

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Why Leadership Matters – Luphumlo Joka

In my attempt to study and understand the science and philosophy of leadership in the 21st century, I have discovered that true leadership must always enable people to actively pioneer and develop new ways of doing things (innovation), whilst disrupting outdated systems and pursuing the agenda of positive transformation for the betterment of humanity in […]

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To Do & To Become – Luphumlo Joka

“Becoming” is much more important than “doing”. I am still trying to make sense of this truth myself. These are the words of a mentor of mine.  I remember the confusion and silence in a leadership training when I once made this statement to clients. This is what I said to them; doing is always […]

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