There have been so many articles written about the incident that took place at the Oscars . Almost a week later , I still feel there is something missing from what has been shared . What leadership lessons can we learn from what happened? This is not about who was wrong or right, but more about what both men can teach us about life and leadership and how we can apply these lessons in our organisations and personal lives.

Your Legacy Matters – Finish Well !

You have a duty to guard your legacy by finishing well .Finishing well is better than giving in to momentary temptations . Both Will & Chris are amazing leaders in their own spaces , Chris Rock as one of the best comedians of all time and Will as one of the best actors of all time . The risk of finishing poorly is that you taint your lives work by one small action that pollutes all of the other great things you have achieved . So what? Strive to finish well . Run your race faithfully till the end.

Humility Always Wins

Oscars producer Will Packer says Chris did not want Will to be escorted out of the building after the incident because he did not want to make a bad situation worse. Just pause and reflect on that . Leaders know how to water down fiery situations without attracting all the attention to themselves. Knowing Chris’s childhood and what he has achieved in life – he was my hero that night . He even had the foresight and humility to apologise to Wanda Sykes (Oscars host) for everything , and had the courage to handle the whole situation with grace and thoughtfulness. Chris Rock should be celebrated as a person and a leader in his field . Remember this -In the world of leadership , humility always wins.

”In your highest moments, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you!”: Denzel Washington, 

Great leaders surround themselves with greater people . Denzel has weight and credibility as a mentor and globally renowned actor . The words he uttered that night will ring in the ears of so many long after he passes. Our leadership growth always correlates with our ability to walk with and listen to those who are ahead of us . It would be wise for Will to spend more time with people like Denzel .

On one side , whilst Smith has apologised , he could face expulsion from the Academy for the open-handed slap. On the other hand Chris’ ticket sales to his latest spacial are selling out quickly. We may not always be responsible for what life throws at us , but how we react is our gift to those that follow us.

Luphumlo Joka is the Director of Global Leadership Consultants (PTY) Ltd and a self published author , speaker and trainer that works with SMME’s all over the Eastern Cape

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