With the benefit of hindsight, we must accept that problems both global and national will never be solved by only the people we vote into positions of authority and power. Whilst politicians and public servants have a crucial role to play in the combating of poverty, inequality and unemployment, they will not make the kind of difference that we, as common people can. The answer does not lie with the African National Congress, Democratic Alliance or the Economic Freedom fighters.

We can no longer shift the responsibility and call for credible leadership only to those who align themselves with political parties. Their leadership is limited to and constrained by the beliefs, mandate and constitution of the party they are members of. This is a huge limitation that you and I can avoid as people on the ground. 

It is the common people who must rise and answer the call for credible and authentic leadership beginning in their own spaces. We should not look to the “external” government for leadership, we should now start to look within. Within all of us lies an amazing ability to pursue that which is ethically and morally right for our communities. There should be an internal righteous governing force in all authentic leaders .Start believing that you can do more for others by prioritizing the needs of others above your own. Focus on the person next to you and ask yourself, “What can I do to make the life of this person better?” This is the essence of leadership.

This is a extract from a chapter of the Ultimate Leader-Shift authored by Luphumlo. He is the CEO of Global Leadership Consultants . You can reach him via email on joka@globalleadership.co.za or visit www.globalleadership.co.za