6 Months Coaching Programme


  • Duration (6 months) 24 coaching sessions
  • 2 Coaching Assessments
  • R 15000 for 6 months
  • Includes The Ultimate Leader shift
  • 50% Payable Upfront
  • Includes 3 Face to Face Coaching


Coaching is considered to be an active learning process where the coachee experiments, applies, and reflects on the experience. Our coaching equips the coachee with techniques to become part of their skills repertoire, and is an individualised approach aimed at up skilling and enhancing the individual to effectively manage work and life and embark on a journey of personal and professional self-discovery. The purpose of each coaching initiative may be different, depending on the coachee’s objectives, as well as the organisation’s objectives


This phase is concerned with defining the objectives the coachee wants to achieve. It helps us clarify issues, design the process, agree on deadlines and agree on feedback procedures. It’s also an opportunity for us to build a relationship, which makes the coaching journey become easier and meaningful. This is where you select and sing off on your preferred coaching package from different coaching packages that we offer.


This phase is concerned with retrieving the assessments you have done and doing the ones I recommend. This is solely for the purposes of behavioral profiling. I also conduct structured interviews with your direct reports, your colleagues at the same level and your superius.


This phase is concerned with defining personal goals, schedule initiatives and establishing an action plan. In this phase I 2022 also take you through my behaviour cycle model, which helps you get an in depth understanding of who you are and what drives you. This framework also helps you identify areas of growth and development.