The Ultimate Leader-Shift (PDF)


The Ultimate Leader-Shift is about shifting from leading from the head(what you know)  and hands (what you do) to leading from the heart (who you are). The book includes  a series of global shifts that are currently taking place in the world of leadership & presents the concept of Heart Centered Leadership in light of innovation , disruption , change & entrepreneurship.

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If you are serious about influencing and impacting people on your leadership journey, this book is for you. I hope and pray this book will provoke you to determine where you are currently positioned and where you ought to be by offering guidance and instruction on how you will arrive there and those whom you will need in your team or circle to have a successful journey.Endorsed by RSA Member of Parliament Bantu Holomisa and Switzerland based Professor and Global Speaker Dr. Elijah Morgan , the book places a great emphasis on love being the ultimate engine to authentic leadership.

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