School Leadership Development

School Leadership Development

The World Economic Forum Published an Article ( 03 September 2019) of the 5 top skills African Employers are looking for ;

•Adaptable Skills
•Innovative Thinking
•Leadership Potential
•Emotional Intelligence

These are skills that are not taught or prioritised in most schools . Our Leadership development prioritises the enhacement of Leadership , growth , innovation and emotional intelligence . We have a unique approach that we employ for each unique group depending on their challenges , environment and what the teachers/ students what to achieve.

The Content covered includes ;

•Leadership Mindset
•True Prefect-ship
•Vision Mapping
•Discovering Gift & Purpose
•Building Relationships
•Servant Leadership
•Goal Setting
We have worked with a number of schools across the EC like ;
  • Dale College Boys High School
  • St Christophers Private School
  • Union High School
  • Claradon School for Girls
  • Uitenhage High School
  • Muir College

And many others ..